When puberty hit, so did the drumsticks. I discovered I had an easy time with learning instruments, and so it was that I hit the skins day and night, honing my skills and hoping to impress the girls. I can only imagine what it must have been like for my parents. Their obvious joy came as no surprise when I asked if I could try guitar next. I sold those drums to one of my best friends. We still occasionally play together to this day, though he has upgraded to a less cardboardy-sounding kit.

I’ve played in many bands, written many songs, and made many recordings, but it has only been recently that I’ve attempted a set of songs as a solo artist with a consistently high enough quality to be allowed out of the studio. The first installment is called the “Colon Double Oh One Album” and consists of songs written from as far back as the 90s to as recent as 2021. I tried to pull from various times in my life to make a kind of personal archival stamp — a sort of time capsule the way tree rings are a time capsule for an old tree. Though these songs were written across the timespan, they were all performed and recorded over the pandemic. I very much enjoyed making this album and I hope you will enjoy it too.