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Anytime I’ve completed a piece of art, whether it be a song, picture, film, whatever, there has always been this sense of something I can’t put words to. It’s the kind of feeling poetry was created to express, and yet I still cannot explain it. What’s more, I have now experienced it on another level. I’ve never felt it quite as intensely as I did when I put the words “THE END” and said to myself, “Holy shit, I now have a complete book!” Yeah, yeah, it’s not really complete until I’ve re-written it 13 times, and I am now in the process of doing that, but lemme tell ya, the feeling was no less overwhelming. Maybe because it was my first novel-length book? The current page count is 145k words, so it’s quite a book. Or, maybe it was the fact the entire thing rested on me and not a collaboration the way a film is? I’m not sure, but what I am sure about is I’m very excited about this whole thing. The process, the story, the idea that I’m creating something that if someone else did it I would be excited to read it. I’ve wanted to write a full-length novel since I was a teenager, and now, I’ve done exactly that! It certainly took me long enough.