MidJourney MacCrafter

MidJourney MacCrafter



MJ Prompt MacCrafter with a side order of fries. And it’ll only cost you ZERO dollars. That’s cheaper than a Happy Meal!


Frontend GUI for managing MidJourney Prompts. It uses an autohotkey GUI to create a prompt from text and selections, then targets Discord to type in an /imagine prompt.


Being based on autohotkey means it only works on MS Windows.


I wrote this for myself because I didn’t want to have to remember the names of all those artists or various properties to play around with. This allows you to type in your text, make some selections to build that up, and see what MidJourney does with it. Then, when it’s not quite right, you can go back to the UI, make a different selection for a style, artist, or whatever, and hit /imagine again without having to copy/paste/tweak over and over in Discord.

If the question, “Why did he put it in a store?” came to your mind, the answer is, “So I can gauge interest.” I’m considering recreating this in the Electron framework (same thing Slack and Discord are created in) so that it can be more robust with more options and it’ll work on more than just Windows. I have it set to “Name your Price,” just in case you’re feeling generous, but it’s free and open source and going through the add cart process will give you a download link.


Please, feel free to drop me a line if you happen to put it to good use. I’m 735 @ this site.


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