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There are stories all around us, every minute of every day, and we all take part in bringing those stories to life. They’re the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell each other. They create our dreams, our realities, and are inextricable from what it means to be human. Some of us make it our business to delve deeper into these stories and uncover the true meaning buried under the surface. We take extreme pleasure in finding various ways to illuminate life’s big questions and find it even more gratifying when more questions appear from behind those answers. We live to dream, and we dream to share. I—like all of you—do this in my own way. This site is the central hub where I do what I can to share what I do. Thank you for visiting. Let’s connect and tell each other our stories.

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Anytime I've completed a piece of art, whether it be a song, picture, film, whatever, there has always been this sense of something I can't put words to. It's the kind of feeling poetry was created to express, and yet I still cannot explain it. What's more, I have now experienced it on another level. I've never felt it quite as intensely as I did when I put the words "THE END" and said to myself, "Holy shit, I now have a complete book!" Yeah, yeah, it's not really complete until I've re-written it 13 times, and I am now in the process of doing that, but lemme tell ya, the feeling was no less overwhelming. Maybe because it was my first novel-length book? The current page count is 145k words, so it's quite a book. Or, maybe it was the fact the entire thing rested on me and not a collaboration the way a film is? I'm not sure, but what I am sure about is I'm very excited about this whole thing. The process, the story, the idea that I'm creating something that if someone else did it I would be excited to read it. I've wanted to write a full-length novel since I was a teenager, and now, I've done exactly that! It certainly took me long enough. 



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This is the part where I tell you my agent's contact info. You can reach her at...

I kid. If you need to get hold of me, just do 735 for email at this site.